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Industrial Vending

Industrial Vending Infographic

Is there constantly a line outside of your stockroom? Do guys leave the production area for 20 minutes (or longer) to get a pair of gloves? Or is it common to see a group of people just hanging around the gate shooting the breeze? These are common problems that some of our larger customers have, and installing an industrial vending solution is a great way to solve them.

Vending machines are a compliment to a well-run storeroom. Many of the issues that distributors encounter with vending are not a factor in integrated supply, which allows the customer to fully take advantage of the benefits. Here are a few of the advantages of a plant vending solution:

► Materials closer to point of use, so employees get back to the job faster
Decreased usage and increased accountability through advanced usage tracking
Web-based software that can be accessed from anywhere
Reporting capabilities allow usage tracking by device/user/job/work order
Enhanced tracking of indirect materials for job costing
Low product alerts and other customized alerts can be sent to Martin to accelerate replenishment

Plant vending machines come in various shapes, sizes, and capabilities, but the two most common types are a coil machine (similar to a snack machine) and a locker system. Each of these can be accessed via a key card or by an employee badge number. Here are a few of the details of each.

Coil Machines

► Greatest control – only specified quantity will be dispensed

► Available in full 60-coil cabinet or 20-coil countertop model

► Variety of coil sizes allow customized layout/product placement

Locker System

► Available in 18-compartment (fixed compartment size), 18-compartment (varied compartment sizes), and 3-door system
Suitable for larger items and dispense quantities

A plant vending solution does not mean that you will lose access to the reporting that Martin provides from the storeroom. Our vending software offers a host of reporting functionality:

► Easy-to-use web interface
Detailed usage reports
Set reports as recurring and distribute automatically via e-mail
View stock levels and past usage volume

Contact Martin today to learn more about how our vending solutions go hand in hand with an optimized vending solution.