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The Storeroom and Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)


Most metrics tracked by maintenance organizations are really just maintenance administration measures. Let’s face it. Reporting on PM compliance, schedule compliance, and even inventory accuracy are really just reports on the administration of our normal duties.  Few maintenance organizations track and report reliability metrics.

In comparison, one of the most well-known reliability measures is Overall Equipment Effectiveness, or OEE.  Another very important measure is Mean Time Between Failure, or MTBF.

Asset availability is increased when MTBF is extended. Interestingly, Mean Time Between Failure is synonymous with reliability. Knowing that information now makes this statement true, “Asset availability is increased when reliability is extended.”  Well, that certainly makes sense.

The storeroom plays a significant role behind the scenes, quite literally, in extending MTBF by first guarding the inherent reliability of the components that are stocked in support of an operating asset. A component that is stocked in the storeroom will have a longer operating life if the component is cared for while it (the component) is sitting on the shelf.

Storerooms are tasked with having robust component care programs to ensure that when a part is put into service, as much of its inherent reliability is intact as possible. Age works against us as humans, it works against everything else as well. We can combat this by working to prevent and preserve.

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