Big Gains

Martin Supply Ermco Case Study
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ERMCO Distribution Transformers is a major manufacturer of transformers, with four manufacturing plants and 1500 employees. ERMCO began purchasing production fasteners from Martin Supply in 2016. Within the first year working with Martin, ERMCO saved over $400k in fastener purchases required for manufacturing operations. Throughout the process, Martin’s sales representative Bob Mays, had discussed the benefits of consolidating additional product categories and services like vending and plant services. ERMCO agreed to consolidate their vendor spend with Martin to drive cost savings, supply reliability and a stronger partnership.


By consolidating vendor spend with Martin Supply, ERMCO Distribution Transformers experienced:

  • $2 million in lifetime fastener savings
  • 220 fewer POs to manage each month
  • $35,000 reduction in monthly POs
  • 6% annual cost savings for MRO plant services
  • $240,000 annual savings from MRO plant services
  • $400,000 annual fastener cost savings
  • Reliability of parts resulting in improved machine uptime


“They’ve earned our trust. If we need help in anything, even outside of their offerings, they are going to help us or connect us to those who can. They are a major resource for us. Plus, numbers don’t lie. Martin’s buying power allows us to get the best availability, pricing and terms.”

— Tony R., MRO Manager at ERMCO