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At Martin, our actions are guided by our core values and the motto, “ALL4ONE”.


“ALL” represents the inclusion and unity of all Martin team members. It emphasizes the importance of each individual’s contribution and the collective efforts of the entire team towards a common goal. It serves as a reminder that every employee is valued, respected, and plays a significant role in the success of Martin and our customers.

“FOR” is threefold representing our four lines of business, four regions and most importantly what we stand FOR. Our core values serve as the foundation for everything we do. We believe in treating our customers, suppliers and team members with respect, integrity, and fairness. We are committed to providing exceptional service and quality products. We believe in being responsible and accountable for our actions, and we strive to make a positive impact in the communities in which we operate.

“ONE” represents the company’s singular focus to work collaboratively as one cohesive unit, with the ultimate goal of helping companies operate better.


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