Integrated Solutions

Maximize Equipment Uptime

Does your production facility suffer from lost parts, stock-outs, obsolete or bad inventory, or a lack of production space? Martin drives improvements to your equipment uptime by improving the effectiveness of your spare part process, ensuring your business has the right part, at the right time and in the right quantity. Our mission is to guarantee your equipment has the necessary parts when needed avoiding the equipment downtime that cripples your output, while ensuring you only invest in the parts you need. Our custom-tailored solutions simplify your MRO supply chain and vendor management processes, driving cost efficiencies throughout your business.

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Storeroom Reset

Martin’s Storeroom Reset Program completely transforms your MRO storeroom or tool crib into a well-organized and productive inventory space through proven 5S lean management practices. Achieve 10%-30% lower total cost of ownership with improved MRO and storeroom management. We will:

  • Assess your storeroom’s current state
  • Provide data-driven feedback on how to optimize inventory
  • Collaborate to build a plan to organize your storeroom
  • Reset your storeroom for improved uptime and production output

Once your supplies, parts and tools are organized, take control of your storeroom or let us manage it for you through customized software solutions that tie directly to your CMMS or ERP system.

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Storeroom Management

We help companies operate better with providing professional storeroom management services. This turnkey program provides procurement and sourcing management, Master Data Management, inventory optimization and material distribution. We start by reviewing your inventory process including Min/Max levels, disbursement history and lead time to take advantage of quantity breaks, optimize crib layout or leverage supplier spend to:

  • Improve equipment uptime
  • Rationalize MRO inventory
  • Share spare parts across your enterprise
  • Consolidate vendors
  • Improve parts search
  • Control rogue spend

Maintenance and Reliability Services

Martin Integrated Supply puts analytics to work to ensure you have the right part, at the right quantity, at the right time. We help you track inventory, save money and reduce costly downtime through:

  • Master data management processes
  • High fill rate
  • Data analytics / Operational metrics
  • Application expertise
  • Improved Mean Time-to-Repair (MTTR)
  • Improved Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)


Leverage our straightforward, easy solution for managing your supplier relationships and MRO procurement needs. We can work with any ERP system. Through strategic and tactical purchasing, Martin can help you:

  • Eliminate rogue spend with established pricing parameters and reduce spot buys
  • Easily route purchases through Martin including purchase orders and new stock
  • Receive best possible pricing by leveraging our total supplier spend
  • Reduce administrative tasks
  • Simplify invoicing

Martin Integrated Supply can also facilitate purchasing from your local, preferred suppliers. Ask us about our other services that include: Analysis of Needs, Supplier Consolidation, Process Re-Engineer and Supplier Management.


Reporting & Analytics

Capturing the right information is almost as important as producing the right part. Martin uses advanced analytic reporting tools to provide insights into usage, fill rates, lead times and batch size to drive better decision-making in your production process. We provide this information daily, weekly and monthly in our custom portal so your team has the data required to make decisions.


Integrated Supply Case Studies

We have saved companies thousands in reduced downtime, improved productivity and improved
inventory management. Read some of our success stories.

Cost Savings - $147,600

Storeroom Reset
Case Study

An industrial customer was experiencing significant downtime due to a messy and disorganized storeroom. After collaborating with leadership, we reset and relocated the storeroom and implemented a master database for better parts management, increased plant productivity and reduced machine downtime.

Total Cost Improvement $60,553

Paint Gun
Case Study

A foundry customer was experiencing high usage on paint guns used in production. Martin’s experts identified a problem with their paint gun and guided employees on how to maximize paint gun life, resulting in cost improvement of $60,553.

Cost Savings $30,466

Integrated VMI
Case Study

A foundry customer was struggling to keep drums on hand for scrap material, resulting in production issues. After assessing their needs, Martin developed a process improvement plan for the sale, delivery and pickup of drums, which has resulted in a $22/drum savings and improved production.