Case Studies

Martin’s custom-tailored solutions have led to a wide variety of success stories. If its cost savings, increased production, or reduced downtime you want to achieve, Martin’s case studies demonstrate our ability to help companies operate better.

Safety Solutions Case Studies

Parts Manufacturer

Custom-tailored safety bumpers protect workers and avert fines.

Railing Safety

Assessment leads to fall prevention solution.

Glove Usage

New glove reduces consumption and saves $190,000 annually.

LOTO Safety

Visual lockout procedure averts hefty OSHA fines.

Glove SKU Reduction

Identifying the right glove results in 20% SKU reduction.

Glove Recycling

Glove laundering operation saves $96,900 annually.

FR Safety Clothing

Sourcing expertise reduces
PPE costs.

Safety Training

Custom-tailored safety training averts $14,000 in fines.

Industrial Solutions Case Studies

Injection Molding

ECLIPSE VR 46 saves $60K annually.

Varnish Deposits

Varnish elimination saves $160K annually.

Metal Foundry

Wheel reduces grinding time and saves foundry $13,200 annually.

Stamping Plant

Coolant results in 50% reduction in downtime and cycle time.

Welding Production

Corrosion inhibitor prolongs metal cylinders saving $10,000.

Industrial Grinding

Grinding wheel results in cost savings of $94,500.

Industrial CNC Coolant

Coolant cuts cycle time in half saving $360,000 annually.

Industrial Abrasives

Grinding wheel solution saves
$1.5 million.

Aerospace Machine Shop

New part doubles tool life time saving $19,241 annually.

Spring Measurement

Wireless data collection eliminates measurement errors.

Machine Shop

Pipe beveller improves productivity by 6x and saves $20,000.

Integrated Solutions Case Studies

Paint Gun Usage

Paint gun exchange program saves over $60,000 annually.

Prescription Eyewear

New process creates convenience for workers.

Integrated Piping

Vender Managed Inventory saves customer $20,590 the first year.

Vending Analysis

Vending Solution controls usage saving customer $128,977.

Integrated Supply VMI

Right part, right quantity saves foundry over $30,000 annually.

Lighting Audit

Lighting audit saves
$104,529 annually.

Integrated POU Cabinet

Point-of-use cabinets keep workers close to workstations saving $7630.

Fastening Solutions Case Studies

Tire Manufacturing

Reduction in lead time and on-hand inventory saves $150,000 annually.

Tier 1 Automotive

VMI and Kanban system saves customer $61,000 annually

Inventory Reduction

Sourcing activities result in cost reduction of $30,000 annually.

Fastener Sourcing

Global fastener sourcing saves customer $240,000 annually.