Fastener Sourcing Solution

Industrial plant
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A transformer manufacturer was facing challenges obtaining custom components at a reasonable price. The manufacturer was uncertain about how to implement a worldwide sourcing strategy.


Martin offered a comprehensive overhaul of the manufacturer’s fastener procurement and material flow. Martin collaborated with the customer’s engineers to standardize and simplify the product mix, leveraging its global network to secure new sources. Martin also managed the existing supply chain, routing orders through Martin to minimize financial impact, and took over onsite fastener management to optimize logistics.


As a result of standardization and consolidation, the manufacturer was able to eliminate 146 product SKUs, achieving an annual cost savings of $240,000. Martin also managed $113,000 worth of orders the manufacturer had previously placed with other suppliers, helping to mitigate financial impact during the transition to Martin. By managing logistics, Martin enabled the manufacturer to eliminate the need for two material handlers.