Storeroom Management

Scalable Storeroom Solutions

Mismanaged storerooms cost companies thousands in higher carrying costs, uncertain cash flow, ineffective inventory control and lost revenue. Managing your MRO supply needs is one of the best ways to begin streamlining your supply-side activities.

Martin’s Storeroom Management services eliminate the unnecessary expense and downtime that results from mismanaged storerooms and reduce your total cost of ownership. Get started today.


We push savings to your bottom line.

Martin is agile when it comes to optimizing your storeroom, helping you better manage your MRO supply, save money and stabilize pricing so you can focus on your value stream.

Martin Storeroom Management

Many of our customers start with a Storeroom Reset. Then, to build a storeroom management program, we review your current inventory processes and identify areas for improvement. We work collaboratively with you to create solutions that keep the right parts on hand, at the right time and in the right quanitity.

A key component of our Storeroom Management program is data. We continually review data, including Min/Max levels, disbursement history and lead times. This allows us to take advantage of a quantity break, change the physical layout of the crib or notice a trend that needs discussing with a supplier. We believe that taking early initiative with data helps prevent crisis down the road.

We provide:

  • Physical inventories
  • Data scrub
  • Reset and reorganization
  • e-Catalog creation

Enterprise Asset Management

  • Improved inventory accuracy – Having the right part, at the right time and in the right quantity is the core of Martin Integrated operations. Our robust cycle counting and inventory management tools ensure your machines have the necessary spares to maintain the overall effectiveness of your assets.
  • Improved spare part reliability – The inherent reliability of the spare part is as important as having the spare. If your spare parts are not functional when needed, your equipment will have unexpected downtime. Martin ensures your parts are stored and maintained in an effective way to ensure the part is functioning when it is needed. From routine motor shaft rotations, to dust free and anti-static storage, Martin ensures your spares are maintained so they are ready when needed.
  • Enterprise inventory visibility – Martin Integrated Asset Management solutions provide visibility of spare parts across your enterprise through our state-of-the-art software platform or downloaded directly into your ERP/CMMS software. Martin will help you build a program to share high dollar spare parts across all of your business units minimizing the capital required to run your business.
  • Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) – Looking to improve your work-order management process? Already have a CMMS system, but not happy with the results? Martin Integrated Solutions can drive improvements to your workflows and processes with industry leading data sharing techniques or through our CMMS tools.

Benefits of Martin’s Storeroom Management

Operate more efficiently and profitably with Martin. Our Storeroom Management solution optimizes your plant’s operations to deliver immediate results:

  • Improve alignment of inventory needs – Martin’s Storeroom Management solution eliminates part redundancy, consolidates vendors and reduces inventory costs.
  • Reduce material costs and rogue spend – By effectively managing your storeroom we help you control inventory activities, reducing spots buys and expensive unplanned purchases.
  • Improve production and equipment uptime – A clean and organized storeroom improves production capacity, minimizes the time spent searching for supplies and ensures your equipment has the parts required for both routine and emergency maintenance, keeping your operations running smoothly.

Storeroom Management Case Study

We help companies save time and money with professionally managed storerooms.
To learn more, read one of our success stories.


Inventory Reduction

An energy customer was struggling to control inventory costs and keep their lines running. After a series of meetings and collaboration, we took full control of their procurement, stocking, shipping and line management on two of their high use C-class components, reducing their customer owned inventory by over $690,000.