MRO Storeroom Reset

Unorganized storeroom? We can fix that.

Are you struggling with an unorganized storeroom? Martin can help you transform it into a well-organized environment that operates at maximum potential. An improperly managed storeroom not only negatively affects material reliability, but also leads to costly employee inefficiencies, wasted space, lost inventory, and increased downtime. Let us help you ensure that you have the correct supplies, parts, and tools on hand for your operation to run efficiently.

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The success of your entire operation relies on the effective management of your MRO storeroom and supplies.

Storeroom Reset Program

Transform your MRO storeroom with Martin’s Storeroom Reset Program. Our program assesses your current storeroom, provides data-driven feedback on inventory optimization, and reorganizes it for improved efficiencies. A well-organized storeroom leads to improved plant productivity, inventory management, and maintenance productivity, while freeing up working capital. Our experts will:

  • Assess your current storeroom state
  • Collaborate with you on solutions
  • Develop an organizational plan and workflow accommodations
  • Reorganize your storeroom

Our goal is to help your storeroom reach its maximum potential through organization and optimization.

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Storeroom Reset Program Benefits

Martin’s Storeroom Reset Program offers a range of benefits to help you achieve and maintain a successful storeroom. Our four-step process uses proven 5S lean management strategies and best practices to help you:

Increase Plant Productivity
Better storeroom management ensures you have the right parts at the right time while improving manufacturing throughput and reducing costs.
Free Up Working Capital
Our storeroom reset identifies critical, obsolete, and excess inventory through enterprise-wide inventory visibility that reduces purchases and sub-stock inventory.
Improve Maintenance Productivity
An organized storeroom reduces the time employees spend looking for parts and provides more wrench time, reducing the Mean-Time-to-Repair (MTTR). We also offer kitting and bill of materials (BOM) capabilities.
Gain Greater Visibility
Our storeroom reset program not only organizes your storeroom for improved inventory accuracy and optimized ordering controls, but also provides labeling and barcode capabilities for enhanced material visibility.

Storeroom Reset Program Case Study

We help companies save time and money with professionally organized storerooms.
To learn more, read one of our success stories.

Cost Savings $147,000

Storeroom Reset

A Martin customer had several decentralized storerooms that were cluttered, disorganized and lacked an inventory database. Martin reviewed the current state of the storeroom, as well as inventory management and purchasing processes to develop a storeroom reset plan and timeline that improved inventory visibility for increased productivity and reduced downtime.