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Martin Supply is dedicated to equipping and educating employees to prevent workplace hazards and ensure their safe return home. Our safety training sessions equip employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate potentially hazardous environments. Led by experienced instructors, our training emphasizes industry best practices, regulatory compliance, and hands-on simulations to foster a culture of safety awareness and proactive risk management. With Martin, manufacturers can mitigate workplace accidents, enhance productivity, and safeguard their most valuable asset—their employees.

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Workplace Safety Trainings

Martin’s safety trainings make the workplace safer for everyone. From OSHA and general training programs to custom-tailored trainings identified through an audit, we can help you operate better and safer.

(REF ID: MSP0Sl0) Training for workers on the recognition, avoidance, reduction, and prevention of safety and health hazards in the workplace. Includes introduction to OSHA and information on workers' rights and employer responsibilities. One and half-day class.

Certificate and Department of Labor card upon completion.
(REF ID: MSP0S30) Training for supervisors and workers with safety roles. Participants learn how to avoid workplace safety and health risks. Topics include general worksite safety, avoiding common hazards, understanding workers' rights, employer responsibilities and more.

Certificate and Department of Labor card upon completion.
(REF ID: MSP0S0B) Training for entry-level workers, new hires and contractors. This training teaches employees how to identify, prevent and rectify workplace hazards in one day and can be counted as your company's regular OSHA mandated, ongoing safety training.

Can be counted as your company's regular OSHA mandated safety training.

Certificate of completion.
(REF ID: MSPCPTR) U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 385-7-/SAFETY AND HEALTH REQUIREMENTS, OSHA 29 CFR 7926 Subpart M-Fa/1 Protection, Subpart E-Personal Protective Equipment, Subpart L-Scaffolding and 29 CFR 7970 Subpart O-Walking/Working Surfaces, Subpart F-Powered Platforms, Man lihs, & Vehicle Mounted Work Platforms. & ANSI/ASSE Z359.2

A two-day safety training course that helps participants develop the skills required of a Competent Person through a combination of direct classroom instruction and multiple workshops.

Includes: Certificate upon completion.
(REF ID: MSPCPRF) A one-day safety training course designed for participants to demonstrate their skill set as a Competent Person and become knowledgeable in any new regulation standards and equipment.

Includes: Certificate upon completion.
(REF ID: MSPFPTR) OSHA 29 CFR Subpart M - Fall Protection; and 7970.23 - Guarding Floor & Wall Openings & Holes Training

This one day training focuses on the best practices in fall protection and the need to protect workers at height. Participants are introduced to the regulations and standards governing fall protection as well as the components of a fall protection system including body support, anchorages, connectors and rescue.

Includes: Certificate of completion. Valid for 1 year.
(REF ID: MSPFLOT) OSHA 29 CFR 7970.778 Powered Industrial Trucks & ANSI 656.7 Safety Standard for Powered Industrial Trucks Training Certification

OSHA requires that all workers be trained and certified before driving a forklift, even if forklift driving is a small part of their job. Training includes formal instruction, practical training and evaluation of the operator’s performance in the workplace.

Includes: Certificate and wallet card upon completion.
Driving Test (required by OSHA) included.
(REF ID: MSPGSTR) OSHA 29 CFR 7970.732-Ceneral Requirements; 7970.733-Eye & Face Protection; 7970.734-Respiratory; 7970.73S-Head Protection, 7970.736-Foot Protection; 7970.738-Hand Protection; 7970.95-Hearing Protection Training Certification

A custom-tailored training for contractors and vendors who visit your site to ensure they adhere to your plant safety guidelines. Curriculum includes the Martin 8-Hour Safety & Health for General Industry or you can select topics that address the specific hazards at your workplace. Learn more.

Includes: Certificate upon completion.
(REF ID: MSPHCTR) OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1200-Hazard Communication & 2072 Revised Hazard Communication (HCS) Training Certification

Training Includes OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard, Globally Harmonized System of Classification (GHS), the primary Hazard Communications Standard responsibilities for employers, understanding the key changes to OSHA’s HazCom Standard, GHS Compliance Dates, Hazard Classification, Chemical Storage and PPE, Labels, Safety Data Sheets and Information Distribution and Training.

Includes: Certificate upon completion.
(REF ID: MSPMGTR) OSHA 29 CFR 7970.277-Machinery & Machine Guarding through 7970.279; ANSI B77.0-2025-Safety of Machinery; General Requirements & Risk Assessment; and B77.79-2075-Machine Guarding Standards

This training is intended for all persons working in or around machinery with hazards such as those created by point of operation, in-going nip points, rotating parts, flying chips and sparks. Designed to help employees understand the dangers of working with machinery—and how those risks can be minimized by proper installation and use of safety guards and devices.

Includes: Certificate of completion.
Optional Equipment Inspection available.
(REF ID: MSPLOTO) OSHA 29 CFR 1910.747-The Control of Hazardous Energy {Lockout/Tagout) Training Certification

Participants learn lockout/tagout procedures which can help protect themselves from unexpected re-energization or release of stored energy.

Includes: Certificate of completion.
(REF ID: MSPMEWP) OSHA 29 CFR 7926.269 and ANSI/SIA A92.2-2009 Vehicle Mounted Elevating and Rotating Work Platforms

Training provides the necessary requirements to advance job-site workers/staff/employees to “Qualified Person” status as required by OSHA/ANSI. Operators will be trained and tested (written and practical) in the safe operation of both scissor lift & boom lift related tasks/topics and harness/lanyard usage when in the lift.

Includes: Certificate and wallet card upon completion.
Aerial & Scissor Lift Driving Performance Test (required by OSHA) included.
(REF ID:MSPCSPP) OSHA 29 CFR 7970.746 Permit-Required Confined Spaces & ANSI Z777.7 Safety Requirements for Confined Spaces Training Certification

Training covers the OSHA requirements for 1910.146 Confined spaces which includes hazards encountered in confined spaces, differences in non-permit vs permit required confined spaces, acceptable and non-acceptable atmospheric conditions, oxygen requirements, contaminants, permit process, attendant and entrant duties, communication, PPE and air monitoring.

Includes: Certificate upon completion.
(REF ID: MSPCPRF) 29 CFR 7970.27-29, Subpart I and ANSI 74.5 2007-Portable Reinforced Plastic Ladders.

Training includes: Establishing Prescribed Rules and Minimum Requirements for the Care, Use and Inspection of the Common Types of Portable Metal, Fiberglass and Fixed Ladders and Manually Propelled Mobile Ladder Stands (airplane stands).

Includes: Certificate of completion. Valid for 1 year.
(REF ID: MSPRPTR) OSHA 29 CFR 7970.734-Respiratory Protection Training Certification

Training teaches how to be protected from airborne contaminants in the workplace. Topics include pollutants in the workplace, classes of respirators, respiratory selection, using the respirator, how to clean and maintain respirators, proper fit, filter types and OSHA regulatory requirements.

Includes: Certificate of completion.
Optional Qualitative Fit Testing (REF ID: MSPRPTRFT} available for additional cost.

*A minimum required for all classes. Applicable trainer travel/accommodation expenses will be added to all training days. Additional fees may be added upon state, federal and jurisdictional requirements. Contact your Martin Sales Rep or call 800.828.8116 for a custom quote.

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The safety team at a major manufacturer was struggling to provide in-depth safety training to employees while focusing on the company’s EHS issues. After collaborating with Martin’s OSHA licensed trainer, we custom-tailored a training plan to meet their needs and decrease recordable injuries.