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Creating a Safe and Healthy Work Environment

Martin Solutions Plus offers a range of safety services aimed at creating a safe and healthy work environment. We believe that a safe workplace is crucial for employees to be able to live their best lives, both at work and outside of work. Our safety services include safety trainings, inspections, audits, PPE fittings, and audiometric testing. Contact us today to learn more about creating a safer and healthier workplace.

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Safety Trainings

Martin Solutions Plus understands that proper safety training is key to a safe workplace. From OSHA-mandated courses to custom-tailored training programs, we offer many options to suit your needs including fall protection, forklift training and machine guarding. Whether you prefer in-person instruction or virtual learning, our safety trainings will help you improve compliance, productivity, and overall safety in the workplace. Let us help you create a safer work environment for your employees.

Solutions Plus Safety Trainings
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Safety Audits and Inspections

Ensuring the safety of your employees, avoiding legal risks, and maintaining compliance with OSHA regulations are crucial for the success of any company. Martin Solutions Plus offers thorough safety audits and inspections to help you achieve these goals. Our assessments are an integral part of any safety program and give you the opportunity to proactively create a safer work environment. Don’t wait.  Start protecting your business and workers today with Martin Solutions Plus.


Hearing and PPE Fit Testing

Martin Solutions Plus believes that the proper PPE fit is key to providing the best protection. Our team offers a range of fit tests for personal protective equipment (PPE), including respiratory and fall protection, to guarantee worker safety. Additionally, our thorough hearing tests are performed by a qualified occupational hearing conservationist who also provides proper instruction for wearing hearing protection.

Hearing equipment testing and PPE

Solutions Plus Team

Martin Solutions Plus has a world-class team with over 75 years of collective safety experience. Our passion for workplace safety drives us to provide the necessary tools and services to keep employees protected and support safety managers in their critical role.



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In-Person vs. Virtual Safety Trainings

Curious how virtual learning compares to in-person training? We'll explore the advantages and limitations of each style so you can make an informed decision.

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Rise Above Danger: Aerial Lift Safety

A great way to avoid aerial lift hazards is to go through an aerial lift safety checklist. With a standard safety process, your team will get in the habit of checking for red flags before and during lift operation. Check out our 9 safety tips.

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The Ins and Outs of Lockout/Tagout

Lockout Tagout ranked number six on OSHA’s 2021 Top 10 OSHA violations. Facilities must do five things in order to keep employees safe and comply with OSHA standards. And, all safety padlocks and devices must meet five OSHA requirements.