Glove Usage

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A Customer expressed concerns about their glove usage. They were using cotton canvas gloves in three of their factories. Within these factories, the company refines, converts, and packages finished goods. In total, there were approximately 600 employees wearing cotton canvas gloves to perform their respective tasks. The annual usage in 2018 was 434,700 pairs of gloves, which amounted to over $190,000 annually.


Following a site survey, we suggested a switch to the MaxiFlex® Ultimate™ as a high-quality alternative and set the parameters for the test period. The Customer agreed to convert one of their three factories as a test facility to the MaxiFlex® Ultimate™ for a 60-day period. In order to isolate and record results as accurately as possible, a total changeover was requested for the duration of the testing period. This meant that only the MaxiFlex® Ultimate™ was made available to the 200 workers at this site.


The switch to the MaxiFlex® Ultimate™ reduced their product usage by over 93% or 406,422 pairs of gloves per year! When prorating their annual cost with the MaxiFlex® Ultimate™, the customer calculated they would save nearly 50%. Considering that the customer’s annual spending on cotton canvas gloves was in excess of $190,000, this is clearly an immense savings! This savings comes despite the fact that one pair of the MaxiFlex® Ultimate™ cost nearly 8x more than a pair of cotton canvas gloves. By addressing the product consumption issue head-on, this Customer was able to achieve significant savings, far beyond what a simple price adjustment would have produced.