Industrial Abrasives

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The customer was grinding too smooth a roll that was used in to press out the metal. The grinding caused significant down time, plus any remaining grit residue would destroy the metal sheets as they went through


A Martin Industrial specialist was already working with the customer, and was brought in to look at the application. After multiple tests it was determined that a specialized Scotch Brite pad could be used to do the job more quickly and to a much higher quality.


With the new pads, the down time taken per week was reduced from 8 hours to 4. Because of the high cost to run this machine that resulted in an up-time savings of $1,580,800 annually. On top of that, the new pads did not leave a residue on the roll, saving on scrap rate and roll replacement. Each new roll cost $10,000, and replacement of these rolls has decrease significantly since implementation.