Industrial CNC Coolant

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A Stamping Plant had a CNC machine that required 4 days of downtime for heat treating. They also had issues with foaming, which reduced tool line and increased cycle time.


Martin Supply was brought in to evaluate the situation. With so many problems in such a high value machine, care was taken to make sure that the right coolant was found. After reviewing several options, a coolant that was brought in that is a high performing semi-synthetic with multi-metal capabilities. It is designed to provide optimal tool life and surface finish while still being very low foaming in deionized water.


The new coolant hit every mark that was needed. Downtime was cut in half from four days down to two, a $2,000 savings per downtime event. The coolant also eliminated foam, allowing for improved visibility of the production process.

Cycle time was also halved, from 12 minutes down to 6, while at the same time the machine was able to run 40% faster with better tool life, cutting, and tapping capabilities. This saved the customer $360,000 per year in total cost.