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Simplify the Complexity of Your Supply Chain

Martin Integrated Supply helps simplify the complexity of your Supply Chain through a variety of customizable storeroom management solutions.

We transform and streamline your processes through a series of scalable solutions that focus on every component of your supply chain from acquisition, storage, shipment and logistics to inventory, implementation and support. Our solutions help you increase cost savings, decrease labor costs, improve storeroom processes and access real-time inventory data.

Operate Better with a Total Lower Cost

Different businesses have different needs. That’s why our scalable solutions cater to your indirect material spend requirements that help you reduce inefficiency, eliminate part redundancy, manage your inventory and avoid rogue spend. We help you plan better, so you save time and money from acquisition and transportation to warehousing and production. Whether your organization is large or small, we can help you save money, reduce paperwork and stabilize pricing — all while improving your bottom line. We work with you to manage, plan, execute and control your MRO spend to help your supply chain run more efficiently to gain these benefits:

Whether you manufacture tools, automotive parts, electronics, medical equipment or any other commodity, you know that managing all of your partnerships is complicated, inefficient and costly. That is why managing your MRO is one of the best places to begin streamlining your supply-side activities. However, this is where many organizations fall short. Managing your supply chain requires a holistic view of your current process, as well as a thorough examination of each link involved in that chain. This exhaustive examination must happen before you can begin uncovering ways to eliminate unnecessary expense, handling or movements. The very idea of taking such an in-depth look at these interactions is often the reason why MRO management falls to the wayside.

  • Improved Part Consolidation & Standardization
  • Improved Quality Control
  • Improved and Stabilized Reporting
  • Reduced Carrying Costs
  • Reduced Downtime
  • Better Inventory Asset Management
  • 10-30% TCO Savings
  • Enhanced EHS Standardization & Training
  • Reduced Invoice Processing

The Martin Advantage: 5 Steps to Transform Your Vision into Savings

Storeroom Management

Data Analysis: We review data constantly. Everything from Min/Max levels, disbursement history or lead time is thoroughly examined. This allows us to take advantage of a quantity break, to change the physical layout of the crib or to notice a trend that needs discussing with a supplier. We believe that taking early initiative with data helps to prevents crisis down the road.  

  • Physical Inventories
  • Reset and Reogranization 
  • Data scrub
  • e-Catalog Creation

Cycle Counting: A robust cycle count program is critical to good inventory management. We utilize barcode scanners to achieve accurate and timely counts. Our counting policies include both a wall-to-wall count, as well as A/B/C tiered counting. This combination allows us to  optimize the counting process throughout the year— ensuring that the critical and high usage items get the attention that they need.

Shared Spares: For our enterprise customers, we look for same items across multiple locations and determine where inventory could be consolidated — while still maintaining the same levels of operational support.

Storeroom Reset

Martin’s Storeroom Reset Program transforms your MRO storeroom or tool crib into a well-organized environment, giving you ready access to all your supplies, parts and tools with the ability to operate more efficiently and cost effectively.

Martin’s Storeroom Reset Program includes:

  • Current State Assessment
  • Collaboration on Solutions
  • Organizational Plan and Work Flow Accommodation
  • Storeroom Reorganization

After your Storeroom Reset, you’ll have a fresh start towards maintaining a clean, more productive storeroom that saves you time and money.


    Martin Integrated Supply provides you with a straightforward, easy solution to managing your supplier relationships and MRO procurement needs. Our long-standing supplier relationships enable us to manage suppliers and minimize inefficiencies. With strategic and tactical purchasing, Martin can help you:

    • Eliminate rogue spend by ensuring that spot buys are provided by authorized suppliers through established parameters and set pricing
    • Process purchase orders, add new stock and obtain a credit card, so that purchases are easily routed through Martin
    • Receive the best possible price by leveraging our total spend with our suppliers
    • Simplify invoicing
    • Reduce your administrative tasks

    We can work with any ERP system in use today to ensure the transition is easy and seamless. Plus, we offer these additional services: Analysis of Needs, Supplier Consolidation, Process Re-engineer and Supplier Management.

    Maintenance and Reliability Services

    A high-performing production facility cannot remain that way without high-performing equipment. Equipment maintenance can be a daunting task for the maintenance department if the parts needed are not available or can’t be found. Martin puts our analytics to work for you to ensure that your inventory includes what you need to maximize up-time. MRO material spend can be as high as 40-45% of an annual procurement expenditure. So, we help you plan better for both routine and unforeseen maintenance issues to help you track inventory, save money and reduce downtime.


    • Master Data Management
    • High Fill Rate
    • Data Analytics
    • Application Expertise
    • Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)
    • Optional, Fee-Based Services


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