Martin Launches Customer Carpool

Martin is pleased to introduce Customer Carpool; a company-specific ride share service that helps employees get to work during the surge of rising gas prices. With the average gas price topping $4.54 a gallon, some employees fear losing their jobs by not being able to drive to work. And, for those with long commutes, some opt to not show up to work at all causing manufacturers to shut down or limit production. Customer Carpool enables companies to ease the pain at the pump while ensuring employees show up for the workday.

“Customer Carpool is the first of its kind to be offered by a safety and industrial distributor,” says David Ruggles, President & COO of Martin, Inc. “Martin’s mission has always been to help companies operate better. Now, we’re on a mission to help employees get to work and reduce stress associated with higher gas prices.”

Customer Carpool is more than a ride to work. It’s an opportunity for companies to invest in their employees. Companies can choose from a variety of custom-tailored services to make the commute work for them and the employee. Services include:   

  • In-Transit Safety Trainings
  • OSHA Pop Quizzes
  • Carpool Karaoke 
  • License Plate Game
  • Coffee/Beverage Service
  • Zoom Meetings
  • In-Vehicle Movies
  • Aromatherapy

Customer Carpool offers free Wi-Fi in the comfort of a sedan, van, or box truck.

Want to incorporate wellness into the commute?

Request a bicycle bar where employees can team pedal to work while they fuel up with a healthy smoothie.    

But, all jokes aside on this April’s Fool Day.

Martin can’t transport your employees to work.
But, we can keep them Safe at Work with Martin Solutions Plus.

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Martin launches customer carpool