Hydrating Your Lifestyle

Like any other working machine, your body needs fuel to operate. Whether you’re breaking a sweat or taking a break, there are parts of you that are always tapping into your fuel supply.

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Our Products


Sqwincher® liquid concentrates are designed to help replenish fluids and electrolytes, keeping people with hard-working lifestyles going.


Sqwincher® Powder Pack™ powder mixes blend easily in water, providing refreshing, hydration for anyone affected by high heat environments.


When you need quick hydration on the job or in the field, reach for the unique frozen solution designed to help you replace what the body sweats out.

Over 40 Years Of Hydration History

Founded in Columbus, MS, in 1975 The Sqwincher® Corporation spent the next 40 years primarily focusing in the industrial market. Sqwincher® was acquired in 2015 by KENT Corporation with the purpose of growing our core industrial presence while at the same time, gaining retail and e-commerce placement.

Our dedication to providing quality hydration products and convenient, innovative and economical packaging made us “The Drink of Industry®”. We learned from our industrial faithful that no two individuals are alike and everyone needs hydration solutions that fit their unique lifestyle.