Innovative Problem-Solving Enhances Safety for a Precision Parts Manufacturer - Martin Supply

Innovative Problem-Solving Enhances Safety for a Precision Parts Manufacturer

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Innovative Problem-Solving Enhances Safety for a Precision Parts Manufacturer

Our customer specialized in producing high-quality precision parts and complex assemblies. Unfortunately, they encountered a troubling safety issue when the fabricator responsible for creating pipe overhead trays and floor-level pipe racks left steel angles and channels protruding outside the frames. These protrusions posed a serious risk of injury, including cuts to employees’ hands and heads. Despite various attempts to address the issue using different materials and seeking assistance from another vendor, the problem persisted. Recognizing the urgency and the potential harm to their workforce, the manufacturer’s owners and plant managers were determined to find a solution.

After assessing the situation, the Martin team embarked on a mission to resolve the problem effectively and efficiently. We identified a yellow and black bumper material that could be used to cover the exposed pipes. However, there was a catch – the material was available only in 39MM lengths and not in the required 90-degree angles.

Martin Supply’s innovative problem-solving not only resolved the immediate safety issue but also uncovered additional opportunities for enhancing workplace safety. The custom bumpers were not limited to the mezzanine; they were also applied to exposed angles on stair railings throughout the facility.

Today, the manufacturer enjoys a custom-tailored safety solution that not only protects its valued employees but also aligns with its customer’s safety requirements. This success story showcases Martin Supply’s unwavering commitment to going above and beyond to ensure the safety and satisfaction of its customers. The case study of Martin Supply’s solution to the safety challenge faced by a precision parts manufacturer illustrates the power of innovation and commitment to customer safety. Through creative problem-solving and a relentless pursuit of the ideal solution, Martin Supply not only addressed the immediate issue but also enhanced workplace safety throughout the facility.

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