10 Tips for Achieving Continuous Improvement with Kaizen

Recently, Martin’s East Region Sales Team teamed up with a few of our best-in-class Suppliers to help a customer operate better with a Kaizen event. Together, we walked the shop floor and identified ways the customer could improve processes, safety and reduce costs. Read More

Hand & Power Tool Hazards

Hand & Power Tool Hazards Yearly, there are over 960,000 injuries caused by power tools. And, according to OSHA, the most common injuries when using power tools are electric shock,… Read More

Power Down: 7 Ways to Lower Energy Costs

With energy and gas prices at an all-time high, you may be seeing your operational costs shooting through the roof. Spending some additional dollars on the front end with energy-saving technologies can make a difference for your operation in the long run. Read More

Eight Steps That Can Add Years to the Life of Your Power Tools   

Your tools can be your most valuable asset and when they don’t work when you need them to, it can cut into production time and keep you from working on a project altogether.  To keep your power tools in tip-top shape, a simple effective tool maintenance check list is all you need to get the most out of your investment. Read More

The Challenges of Plastic Injection Molding

ne of the most vital operations in modern manufacturing is plastic injection molding. Though it is nearly as old as other manufacturing operations that were born during the industrial revolution, plastic injection molding exploded during WWII, when metals and other materials were needed for the war effort, leaving plastics and polymers the natural substitute. Read More