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Parts Standardization and Asset Reliability

Parts Standardization and Asset Reliability

Parts Standardization and Asset Reliability

Assets come to a plant with a level of inherent reliability. In fact, the term is inherent reliability. You can’t maintain more reliability into an asset than it has inherently. The only way to increase the reliability of an existing asset is to modify it with the purpose of increasing reliability. Where do standardized parts fit into this discussion?

In every operating environment, there are parts and components known to the maintenance group to be more robust and sturdier than other parts. A note of caution, a part that might be robust in one area of the country, could be less than ideal in another. For example, a motor might perform at peak efficiency in the high desert of Tucson, AZ, but when subjected to the humidity of Shreveport, LA the same results are unachievable.”

Standardizing on the few robust parts that seem to work in our crazy operating environment helps to extend the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of our assets and decrease the Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) of those very same assets. These are two key reliability measures.

Most parts standardization efforts begin with:

  1. scrubbing the current inventory
  2. removing duplicate items and
  3. concentrating on only the most robust items.

These steps have the added benefit of reducing inventory value and clearing out some shelf space as well.

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John Ross

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