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Overlooked Fall Protection Safety Hazards for EHS Professionals

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Overlooked Fall Protection Safety Hazards for EHS Professionals

Martin helps hundreds of environmental health and safety (EHS) professionals across the nation ensure the safety of their workers. One of the most common hazards that can occur on a factory floor are falls from heights. While many workers may be aware of basic fall protection measures such as using guardrails or wearing protective gear, there are other potential fall protection hazards they might not be aware of.

Slips and Trips at the Workplace

One type of hazard that often goes overlooked is slips and trips due to wet floors or debris on walkways. Slips and trips can lead to serious injuries if a worker isn’t able to catch themselves before falling off balance completely. To prevent these types of accidents, make sure all walkways are kept clear at all times by having designated areas for storage boxes and pallets away from walking areas; also keep any spills cleaned up quickly with non-slip materials like mats or absorbent pads placed near entry points where water could accumulate during rainy weather conditions.

Machinery Entanglement

Another lesser known hazard involves working around machinery with moving parts such as conveyor belts or robotic arms which could potentially cause entanglement if proper precautions aren’t taken when working in close proximity with them. Make sure you have clearly marked boundaries around these machines so employees know their limits while operating them safely; also use guards over exposed moving parts whenever possible for added security against accidental contact.  To boost your workforce’s awareness of the hazards above and others, you might consider implementing additional training sessions focused specifically on fall protection awareness, so your team understands how best to protect themselves while performing tasks at elevated levels such as climbing ladders. Plus, make extra time to train them on what steps should be taken after an accident occurs. This will help create a culture within your organization where everyone takes responsibility for their own safety first.

Martin wants to ensure you have the best safety equipment available. Martin’s fall protection experts can help you pick the right safety harness for your unique needs. We will assess comfort levels while wearing the product, make sure certifications are up-to-date and inspect labels on packaging material so that it meets both job requirements as well as personal needs safely. With our comprehensive PPE fit testing services, Martin provides a reliable yet comfortable item selection process. Contact us today to get started!

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