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Now Hear This: Workplace Noise Reduction Tips

Say What - Practical Workplace Noise Reduction Tips - Martin Supply

Now Hear This: Workplace Noise Reduction Tips

To reduce noise in the workplace there are a number of practical techniques you can use as part of normal day-to-day operations and maintenance procedures that will achieve significant reductions in the noise emitted. They cost very little to implement and can provide worthwhile savings in energy. Martin Safety recommends:

  • Tighten loose guards and panels
  • Use anti-vibration mounts and flexible couplings
  • Planned maintenance with a program for regular lubrication for both oil and grease
  • Elimination of unnecessary compressed air and steam links and science air exhausts
  • Keep machinery properly adjusted to the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Use damped or rubber-lined containers for catching components
  • Switch off plant not in use, especially fans
  • Use rubber or plastic bushes in linkages and use plastic gears
  • Rest equipment and design-in noise control
  • Specify noise emission levels in orders
  • Check the condition and performances of any installed noise control equipment
  • Keep doors and windows closed during off-work hours
  • If loading is necessary, carry it out during the day
  • When maneuvering a vehicle, stop the engine once the vehicle is in place
  • Check the condition and performance of any noise control equipment and silencers
  • Turn exhaust outlets from fans away from nearby houses
  • Carry out spot checks of noise levels at perimeter fences, both during working days and at other times

Martin Safety carries an array of hearing protection products to fit the needs of your workforce. Call 800.828.8116 today.

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