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Ten Steps to Spill Response

industrial spill response

Ten Steps to Spill Response

When a spill occurs, time is of the essence to ensure a quick response and safe cleanup. Here are some helpful steps to make sure you, your employees, and the environment are protected.

1. Conduct a Risk Assessment
Evaluate, to the best extent possible, all hazardous substances, the conditions present, handling procedures, amount of liquid and potential dangers. Determine if the spill is life threatening. If so, dial 911 and/or call your local authorities. If you are not familiar with the liquid and its chemical properties, vacate the area and contact proper authorities.

2. Protective Yourself

For your safety, wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for the situation. This includes PPE suits (choose the correct level of suit that can be found on the liquids MSDS sheet), respirators (SCBA recommended), boots, gloves and goggles. 

3. Stop the Spill
Stop the liquid by turning a valve, rolling a drum over or using a leak stopper.

4. Contain the Spill

Contain the spill by utilizing the correct equipment and proper sorbents.

5. Begin Clean Up
Use the right absorbents to safely clean up or absorb spilled liquids.

6. Contact the Appropriate Authorities

Report the spill to proper legal authorities in your community. Be sure to fill out all necessary paperwork and reports in accordance with local laws.

7. Used Material Disposal

When you use absorbent materials, they take on the characteristics of whatever they absorb. Be sure to dispose of used absorbents and spilled liquids in accordance with local laws. You will also want to dispose your PPE.

8. Decontaminate

Clean all tools and reusable materials properly before reuse.

9. Restock Materials

Replace absorbent materials and safety equipment used in any cleanup operation.

10. Review Contingency Plans and Procedures

After a spill is a great time to review contingency plans and procedures. Should a spill happen again, you’ll be better prepared to handle the situation.

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