Improve Fastener Reliability and Performance with Image Dimension Measuring Systems

For reliable fastener assemblies, choose supply partners that include fastener measurement as part of their quality assurance program. Call Martin Fasteners at 731-424-4300 to learn more.

To the Rescue - Response to Heat Stress and Illness

To the Rescue: Response to Heat Stress and Illness

As outdoor temperatures rise, so does the chance for you or a co-worker to suffer from heatstroke, heat exhaustion, or heat cramps. Most of us instinctively know to grab the water bottle or sports drink when we get thirsty, but sometimes quenching our thirst isn’t enough to keep us cool. Heat-related illnesses are preventable. Read More

Rise Above the Danger: Aerial Lift Safety

A great way to incorporate safety before using an aerial lift is to go through an aerial lift safety checklist. By having a standard safety process, you and your team will get in the habit of checking for any red flags before and during lift operation. Below are 9 safety tips your team should follow when operating an aerial lift. Read More

Pros and Cons of Oil-Based Coolant

You have several options for selecting a coolant in CNC machining. About 85% percent of machine shops today use a water-based fluid in their applications. These include soluble oils, synthetics, and semi synthetics. However, in precision machining applications, an oil-based coolant is a better option. Read More

How to Eliminate Excess and Obsolete Inventory

Excess or obsolete inventory is often the result of misaligned parts consumption and ineffective forecasting. The result is lost cash that could be spent in other areas of your business, such as purchasing new equipment, investing in marketing or improving production processes. In this article, we’ll discuss the causes of high inventory holdings and provide effective solutions for reducing or eliminating slow-moving or dead inventory. Read More

Choosing the Right Safety Glasses Lens Color

While you might be drawn to the attractiveness of the blue lenses, they may not be the right lens color choice for your work application. What color do I choose? Here is a guide for choosing the right color lens. Read More