Improve Fastener Reliability and Performance with Image Dimension Measuring Systems

For reliable fastener assemblies, choose supply partners that include fastener measurement as part of their quality assurance program. Call Martin Fasteners at 731-424-4300 to learn more.


The Three Lines of Safety Defense

When we think about our workers’ safety, what comes to mind? For a lot of us, the first thing we think of is personal protective equipment (PPE). It’s something that we manage daily, is visible, and is continually innovating and improving. Read More

Power Tool Performance: Diagnosing 5 Common Problems

We all love our power tools, but when you put the strain on them that is common in manufacturing you’ll inevitably have some problems. This guide will help you diagnose what is wrong with your power tools and give you a few quick fixes to get you back to work. Read More

The Importance of a Clean Storeroom

It may seem like it doesn’t matter what the storeroom looks like. After all, most people don’t really see it, and as long as we know what’s in there, who cares, right? Studies have shown that this is not the case. In fact, have a clean, well-organized storeroom is critical to maximizing the storeroom’s value. Read More

5 Tips for Electrical Glove Safety

We all know that electricity is nothing to mess around with, but choosing the right PPE is only half of the battle. Make sure all five of these tips are being followed at your facility so that everyone gets home safe. Read More

Setting Up VMI

This guide will take you from the initial meeting to a fully integrated VMI Solution as successful VMI projects are based on a number of key factors like the commitment of senior management. Read More

How to Choose the Right Supplier for MRO

Choosing the right place to buy Maintenance, Repair, and Operational (MRO) supplies is a key decision for manufacturers. Even though these supplies are not part of the finished product, they have a tremendous impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of production. Read More

Storing and Handling Tools Safely - Martin Supply

Storing and Handling Tools Safely

Tools are routinely used inside a plant or out at a job site, so it is easy for workers to forget their potential hazards. Anyone who works with tools is likely aware of what the safe procedures are for using them. However, safe practices when carrying or storing tools are often not followed as users feel like any danger has passed. It is good to regularly remind workers that hazards do not necessarily stop when the work does. Read More

Choosing the Right VMI Supplier (EQUIP)

We’ve discussed in a previous post about the advantages of VMI the value that can be generated from outsourcing the supplying and stocking of your production fasteners with Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI). The most important part of VMI is making sure that the “Vendor” is a good fit. To get the necessary results it is crucial to find the right supplier partner. Read More